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About Sideshore

The water sports centre for Exmouth, Sideshore, will provide training and changing facilities alongside an outdoor events space, eateries and six retail beach units. The 1,000sqm facility is intended to enhance Exmouth’s waterfront, water sports heritage and leisure amenities. Offering immediate beach access for all, the venue is expected to provide services throughout the year.

Sideshore occupies the middle of the site facilitating easy access to the beach and maximising views across the bay. The centre is a timber clad single-storey pitched roof which is fronted with decking.

The building will be environmentally constructed, firstly by making sure it requires a minimal amount of heat and power to operate. It will be highly insulated to prevent heat escaping and will use its location for natural ventilation and warming by the sun. To enhance this further, we will also be using sustainable and natural materials, locally sourced wherever possible to further reduce the carbon footprint of the building. We will also use green technologies including a large roof top solar installation to reduce reliance on fossil fuel generated power.

To maximise local business opportunities, there are a cluster of compact retail units which will be made available for a variety of different uses.

Other key features include parking for approximately 60 vehicles with electric charging points available. The development will offer two sets of steps and a lightweight ramp offering improved, direct access to the beach. Grenadier has also purposefully reserved a large open space on its site with electric and water points in a bid to encourage regular community events.


Sideshore will be operated on a not-for-profit basis. The cost of the development, which will be funded by Grenadier, will be repaid over time through the rental income. Once the investment has been repaid (with no profit included), the entire facility will be handed over to a Community Interest Company who will use all future income entirely for the benefit of community based projects.

This represents an opportunity to create a significant and long-lasting legacy for Exmouth.

Why Exmouth and why a water sports development?

Grenadier is focussed on sustainable projects which improve their immediate environment and have a lasting impact on mitigating climate change. We are a local company, employing local people. We have a number of water sports enthusiasts and we are excited about the opportunity the proposed water sports centre provides for promoting healthy living.

Exmouth has a unique natural environment which makes it a fantastic venue for a diverse range of water sports. Sideshore offers the opportunity to achieve a truly sustainable development and provide Exmouth with a year-round, multi-use facility which offers vastly improved access to water sports activities and the beach.

Benefits, Legacy and Not for Profit Structure

Following our first consultation event on Saturday 21 October it was clear from the questions asked that people would like to know more about the benefits and legacy that the development will bring as well as the structure in place to deliver a not for profit scheme.  We have listened to this feedback and have prepared the following summaries.

Key Benefits and Long Term Legacy:

  • This is a project which has local at its heart. We therefore hope that local businesses will be able to relocate, expand or start up at the center creating jobs and income for the local economy.
  • Having a water sports center will allow Exmouth to bid for and hopefully host international water sports events.
  • Creation of a leisure destination, which should hopefully help contribute to increasing footfall and visitor numbers into the town. This in turn will help retain spend within Exmouth
  • Create employment – depending on the tenants the development could create 50-60 new jobs in Exmouth.
  • Establishment of a year round destination for cyclists, visitors and the community.
  • Encourage more people to take up watersports which in term drives healthier lifestyles
  • Create a place for staging community based events. For example a Families and the Sea Festival.
  • Easier access to the beach via the ramp and two sets of steps. No longer having to cross the road with equipment.
  • The creation of revenue for a community interest company to be spend on community initiatives and events linked to watersports. This revenue will be available after the cost of the project has been repaid.

Key terms of the Structure being proposed:

  • East Devon District Council (EDDC) will own the freehold of the land.
  • Grenadier will take a 125 years lease from EDDC.
  • The lease restricts the use of the site as a Watersports Center with ancillary restaurants and retail only.
  • There can be no residential use or development under the lease.
  • Once built Grenadier will provide a sub lease of 125 years to Queens Drive Exmouth Community Interest Company (CIC) who will manage the land and buildings on a not for profit basis.
  • The CIC’s shareholders will be Grenadier and EDDC but neither can receive dividends.
  • To repay Grenadier the cost of development it will charge the CIC a commercial rent until such time as the cost has been repaid. Likely to be 15 -20 years.
  • Such rent will be funded from rent charges to the occupying tenants who will operate as normal businesses.
  • There is no interest payable on the repayment of the development cost other than inflationary increases.
  • Once the cost of the project has repaid to Grenadier the land and buildings will be transferred to the CIC and all revenue will be used to further the CIC’s community objects.
  • EDDC will still look after and maintain the cycle way, footpath and sea wall.
  • EDDC will receive no financial income or return from the Community Interest Company but the tenants of the center will obviously pay business rates in the normal way.
  • The CIC has a full asset lock. Any surplus profits are to further the CICs aims of promoting watersports in the Exmouth Community.
  • The CIC will not pay directors. The Directors will be made up of persons from EDDC, Grenadier the watersports operator or another tenant and a community representative.
  • We have specified that the Devon Wildlife Trust and RNLI should receive the CIC’s assets and cash on liquidation.