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About Grenadier

Grenadier is part of the Oxygen House Group which is based in Exeter. Grenadier is a sustainable property development company committed to delivering projects which are environmentally sensitive, in both construction and occupied use.

Grenadier has a portfolio of property projects in the local area. A good example of a successful coastal development recently completed by Grenadier is Atlantic View Lodges. It included the redevelopment of a range of beach-front properties in Widemouth Bay near Bude, creating six innovative beach cottages. The environment was the driving force behind the entire development of Atlantic View, considered at every stage of the build. Atlantic View Lodges relies solely on renewable energy – solar PV, air source heat pumps and any extra energy required comes from a 100% green tariff. The development won the ‘Sustainable Project of the Year’ award at the 2016 Michelmores Property Awards, the South West’s premier property competition.

Grenadier are also responsible for the first EPC A+ rated commercial building located in Exeter Business Park. For a building to achieve an EPC A+ rating it must have the best insulation, be energy efficient and produce clean energy which will be consumed on site. The building, which features a highly insulated cladding system, LED Lighting and roof top solar installation, operates on a fully sustainable system by generating more than 120,000kWh of electricity, enough to power 40 homes and save 57 tonnes of CO2 each year. EPC A+ commercial buildings make up just 0.06% of the entire stock in England and Wales, making Grenadier one of a small handful of developers to achieve this standard.

For more information please visit grenadierestates.co.uk